Wavelength (nm) 850
Cable Type MMF
Core Size (Microns) 62.5
Modal Bandwidth (MHz* km) 200 (OM1)
Cable Distance 33m
Type 10GBASE-SR 850nm MMF
Transmit and Receive Wavelength (nm) 840 to 860
Power Consumption (W) 1
Regulatory and Standards Compliance Standards GR-20-CORE: Generic Requirements for Optical Fiber and Optical Fiber Cable, GR-326-CORE: Generic Requirements for Single-Mode Optical Connectors and Jumper Assemblies, GR-1435-CORE: Generic Requirements for Multifiber Optical Connectors, IEEE 802.3: 10-Gigabit Ethernet, ITU-T G.709: Interfaces for the Optical Transport Network, ITU-T G.975: GFEC, ITU-T G.975.1: EFEC, SFP+ MSA SFF-8431 (Optical Modules, Active Optical Cables, and Passive Twinax cables), SFP+ MSA SFF-8461 (Active Twinax cables)
Safety Laser Class 1 21CFR-1040 LN#50 7/2001, Laser Class 1 IEC60825-1, Cable jacket of SFP+ copper modules is UL #E116441 Compliant, All length SFP+ copper cables are ELV and RoHS Compliant
Dimensions Dimensions (H x W x D): 8.5 x 13.4 x 56.5mm. Cisco SFP+ connectors typically weigh 75 grams or less.
Environmental Conditions
Commercial temperature range (COM) 0 to 70�C (32 to 158�F)
Extended temperature range (EXT) -5 to 85�C (23 to 185�F)
Industrial temperature range (IND) -40 to 85�C (-40 to 185�F)
Storage temperature range Storage temperature range: -40 to 85�C (-40 to 185�F)
Warranty 1 year